How to Make Genmaicha

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Sep 19th, '12, 19:49
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Re: How to Make Genmaicha

by riccaicedo » Sep 19th, '12, 19:49

The problem is that in the Japanese language the word genmai is used for both brown rice and toasted rice, so probably as it first got translated into English it just became brown rice.
It would be good if a vendor actually asked its supplier and that would help us all clearly define how genmai is made.
For example, obubu states in their website that they use mochi rice.

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Sep 19th, '12, 19:57
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Re: How to Make Genmaicha

by Chip » Sep 19th, '12, 19:57

When I make my own genmai ... I use all different kinds of rices. Some turn out more sweet, some more toasty, ect.

Pretty fun, but if you do this, be forwarned that rice dust easily becomes airborne and can literally fill your whole house, so run an exhaust fan, or rinse, or do it outside.

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Sep 28th, '12, 20:26
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Re: How to Make Genmaicha

by Teacup1980 » Sep 28th, '12, 20:26

I think there are many kinds of rice in Japan, from very cheap to very expensive. It's a tea-makers' decision which rice they would like to use for Genmaicha. Of course, some companies are using mochi rice which is relatively expensive. Personally, I don't want my Genmaicha to be very expensive because of expensive brown rice :D

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