Jul 9th, '12, 04:09
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Lionel : OFFER Teapot by Yamada Sou

by Lionel » Jul 9th, '12, 04:09

A little japanese teapot by Yamada Sou 山田 想. He is the grandson of Yamada Jozan III, Living National Treasure in Japan.

Tokoname red clay (shudei kyusu).
10-12 cl.
Quite thin walls.
Direct filter 30 holes. Perfect pouring.
I have used it very very few times. I bought it for my japanese teas, but I really prefer a bigger kyusu for this kind of tea.
I am sure this japanese teapot can be used for any kind of tea. The tea breathes very well in this teapot.
It comes in a wooden box, signed by Yamada Sou.

Price : 160 euros + Shipping from France (negotiable).
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Oct 11th, '12, 08:51
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Re: Lionel : OFFER Teapot by Yamada Sou

by Lionel » Oct 11th, '12, 08:51

Chip, please lock this up.
This lovely little teapot is gone to Germany... :)