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Oct 18th, '12, 13:52
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Re: Smaller Gong Chun style teapot?

by Alex » Oct 18th, '12, 13:52

Interesting first post. :mrgreen:

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Oct 18th, '12, 19:06
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Re: Smaller Gong Chun style teapot?

by chrl42 » Oct 18th, '12, 19:06

You might wanna wipe out that shoe-polish or black tea stains before you use. They look ok in shape but not much expectation on the clays.

They are not genuine pots, but I'm not gonna blame them because they don't charge much at least, but the dates credited should be corrected.

They are that, because you can't do 'radiocarbon dating' on yixings, in China there's no rule to arrest because they sell fake pots...even museums had fakes back then, famous story Gu Jing-zhou has,

Gu once found out his reproduction of early day was displayed at museum, he and other masters started making Yixings from making reproduction, once their skills mastered, they started to 'create'.

Doesn't matter cos reproductions until the ROC weren't a sign of poor-quality, rather a tradition. A status of Yixing potters weren't high until recently. But now with its clay depleted, potters organized and became rich. Fakes aren't too good sign..except for Zhuni.

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