Yunnan recommendations

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Oct 31st, '12, 12:15
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Yunnan recommendations

by caulfield » Oct 31st, '12, 12:15

I have liked the yunnan teas that I've tried from adagio. I really liked yunnan noir, but they haven't had it in a while. Does anyone know of a yunnan tea that has that earthy, chocolate and lightly cinnamon flavor?

While I have some upscale pu erh, white and oolong teas, I keep my black tea here at work, mainly, to wake myself up at 8 o'clock. I'd appreciate anything that is fairly affordable, but can be re-steeped at least once during the day.

Thanks for the recs.

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Oct 31st, '12, 13:56
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Re: Yunnan recommendations

by teaisme » Oct 31st, '12, 13:56

Yunnan blacks ... category=5

the bilochun on the yunnan sourcings china site looks like your yunnan noir ... oduct=2124

From the description you gave you may enjoy this one too... ... oduct=2109

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Oct 31st, '12, 14:18
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Re: Yunnan recommendations

by laura99 » Oct 31st, '12, 14:18

+1 for Yunnan Sourcing. I get all my Yunnan black teas from them. The US store has quite a good selection for faster shipping.

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