Lurker says hi from Sweden

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Nov 3rd, '12, 20:07
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Lurker says hi from Sweden

by Alakina » Nov 3rd, '12, 20:07


I have been lurking here for a month or so and thought that I should probably introduce myself :)

I have been drinking (or maybe I should say...tasted) tea since I was little, my first tea was probably Earl Grey or Lipton Yellow Label, in a bag. But tea is something that I have been enjoying very little as I have mostly been drinking coffee at work and for breakfast to wake me up.

I'm here because I have now found japanese teas!! I love all things japanese so this is a natural step for me. I'm really not into astringent and bitter teas so usually I have been adding both milk and sweetener to my "black" teas but of course I don't do that with japanese green teas!!
I love how these these teas have a totally different taste and am especially enjoying the umami taste.

I'm currently drinking sencha, genmaicha and kokicha and have just ordered a fukamushi sencha and hojicha from Maiko and Thés du Japon.

I will continue to explore japanese greens and I will probably hang around the teaware section looking at pictures (I have a kyusu, Tachi Masaki, which I am really really satisfied with) and of course the japanese greens sections!

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Nov 4th, '12, 03:51
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Re: Lurker says hi from Sweden

by sriracha » Nov 4th, '12, 03:51

Hi and welcome from another Swede! =)

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Nov 17th, '12, 20:41
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Re: Lurker says hi from Sweden

by sencha » Nov 17th, '12, 20:41

Hello! I personally love Japanese teas, although I admit to not having tried many despite what my username may suggest. Hope you enjoy your stay! :D

PS, it's my 100th post!

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