An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Nov 5th, '12, 13:16
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An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by Alurpal » Nov 5th, '12, 13:16

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, looks like a great forum. I'm definitely going to participate in the next OTTI and look forward to it.

After seriously beginning my journey into tea around 6 months ago, I've tried to taste a variety of teas starting with a wuyi mountain oolong (after seeing a documentary on da hong pao) and eventually making my way to greens.

I use a small gaiwan for all my teas at the moment. For reference, if i had to rank my top 5 teas ive tried, they would be as follows:

1. Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle from habiki-an
2. shu pu'er
3. Dragonwell green
4. Tieguanyin
5. Rock oolongs

I think, I tend to like teas high in theanine and I'd really like to stock up on 5 or so new greens. Preferably, a less expensive gyokuro as one of them. Anyone have suggestions?

Also, after reading a little about "treatsie on tea," I'm really excited to try an An Ji Bai Cha, has anyone tried this and would recommend a retailer?


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Nov 5th, '12, 14:08
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by blairswhitaker » Nov 5th, '12, 14:08

Hi Alurpal,
looks like you have been getting into some very nice teas already. Gyokuro Is by far one of my favorite teas from japan, and An Ji Bai Cha is most likely my favorite green tea from china so I felt very inclined to give my thoughts on this.

seven cups has some great an ji bai cha that I can personally recommend. ... -2012.html

and ... -2012.html

As far as Gyokuro goes you might try some of thee offerings

from hibiki an, this is a great deal for 100 grams of tea very economical Gyokuro and it is very good. ... cts_id/358

This is a nice quality Gyokuro as well a little more expensive but still very nice. ... id=gyokuro

Yuuki-cha also has some economical offerings with Gyokuro right now. ... 31a9040b61

Nov 5th, '12, 14:46
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by MacGuffin » Nov 5th, '12, 14:46

Second the recommendation for Seven Cups. Make sure to join the free tea club online (the link is at the top of the page).

Nov 6th, '12, 10:46
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by Alurpal » Nov 6th, '12, 10:46

Thank you both, last night I put in a seven cups order for:

50g Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha Organic Green
50g Liu An Gua Pian Organic Green

I'll be sure to compare tasting notes when they arrive :)

Nov 8th, '12, 10:27
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by Alurpal » Nov 8th, '12, 10:27

It looks like me tea will arrive today!


The brewing instructions on seven cups recommends 185 degree water for the Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha. This seems a little high to me. Does anyone recommend a different temperature that they've had better results with? Also, I'll be using a small gaiwan, what water to tea ratio has anyone tried with success?

My default will probably be 3g tea with 175 degree water. For time, I'll have to experiment.

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Nov 9th, '12, 13:36
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by edkrueger » Nov 9th, '12, 13:36

How big is your gaiwan? Like 50ml small?

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Nov 12th, '12, 14:40
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Re: An Ji Bai Cha recommendation

by Drax » Nov 12th, '12, 14:40

All this talk of bai cha gave me a hankering for some, so during my visit today to a local tea house, I picked up a packet and I'm enjoying it right now. I don't think it's from An Ji, but still quite yummy!

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