Hei from Oslo

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Dec 2nd, '12, 06:44
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Hei from Oslo

by ole » Dec 2nd, '12, 06:44

Hello, hello.

Another Scandinavian just joined, time for a brief introduction.

After spending some time browsing around this forum I thought it was finally time to register with an account (and hopefully contribute a little)

Right now I got a dong ding in my gaiwan, oolongs and pu'er is normally my favorites, although I'm quite found of Japanese greens as well, especially matcha and gyokuro.

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Dec 2nd, '12, 15:00
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Re: Hei from Oslo

by SilentChaos » Dec 2nd, '12, 15:00

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead :mrgreen:

Welcome :!:

Dec 2nd, '12, 20:13
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Re: Hei from Oslo

by Maxwell2079 » Dec 2nd, '12, 20:13

Welcome aboard!

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Dec 3rd, '12, 08:30
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Re: Hei from Oslo

by Chip » Dec 3rd, '12, 08:30

Welcome ole to our forum! Glad you registered and I am looking forward to seeing you around. :mrgreen:

Sorry for the late welcome, had difficulty getting on the net the last few days.

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