Tea in a Coffee Land

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Jan 3rd, '08, 13:52
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Tea in a Coffee Land

by xine » Jan 3rd, '08, 13:52

Last time I went to Seattle there were tons of these little espresso shacks- like in corners of parking lots, in the middle of no where. There were also drive-thru Starbucks, which blows my mind- I'm just getting used to drive-thru Dunkin' Donuts around me.

But anyway, I like Cynthia's thought when she saw several famous coffee companies gathered together on one city block. Will we ever see that with tea? I don't know if I would want to per se, as I feel that tea is such a patient drink, something that shouldn't be rushed if preparing it. But then again, I would love to get tea on the go when I am in a rush (which is more of my reality than not).

Pike Place Market- absolutely wonderful. I must have missed the Crumpet shop when I was there last (which was a couple of years ago).

any suggestions about other tea-cities we can feature?

Jan 5th, '08, 10:42
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by turrisip » Jan 5th, '08, 10:42

It's not exactly a "tea city," but Chapel Hill, NC has two excellent tea drinking and buying spots -- Three Cups and A Southern Season. Three Cups is a tiny spot with a lovely backyard garden and some indoor seating for drinking their small but really fabulous selection of teas. The teas change often and are tasteable before you commit. A Southern Season is an all around cool place with food from everywhere for every style and taste, but the tea counter reminds me of the Parisian tres chi chi Mariage Freres. Though the store itself is bustling with business, the tea meisters are more than happy to show you the teas (and let you smell it and even handle a leaf or two) and talk to you about all their many many nice selections that include their own blends as well as pure loose teas from all over the world. Their teawares are extravagantly diverse too. Then, there is a restaurant where you can drink the stuff as well as eat southern haut cuisine as well as comfort food from their almost French bakery.

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Jan 5th, '08, 17:39
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CoffeeLess in Seattle

by hmmmtea » Jan 5th, '08, 17:39

Cynthia - I was so excited and happy to see that you did a review of Seattle and our little tea locations.
I live in Seattle and grew up around coffee all of my life. The last few years i have been "weaning" myself off the stuff and switching to tea. It has been difficult however until last year to find locations to have tea at with friends. Here in Seattle it is common to meet for coffee like it would be for a beer. I am hoping that this changes and more and more locations start to pop up around the suburbs of the main city.

Will you be doing any tea locations? I love to travel and would love to know some of the locations if you are doing this on a city by city basis.
Thanks again!

- Hmmmtea from the city of Teabucks :)

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Jan 5th, '08, 17:45
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by Chip » Jan 5th, '08, 17:45

lol...and you call yourself a Seahawks fan, writing a post during their playoff game.

So, what is in your cup...of course, Seahawk green tea!!! :roll:

Oh, and welcome to the forum to both hmmmtea and turrisip.

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Jan 5th, '08, 17:57
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Tea Hawk Fan

by hmmmtea » Jan 5th, '08, 17:57

Hi Chip!
thanks for the welcome!
Yes I am sitting here sipping on my genmaicha tea and enjoying the game while others are drinking beer. I bring a different flavor to football with my tea. HA HA!


And thanks again!

-- hmmmtea

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Jan 5th, '08, 20:16
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by CynTEAa » Jan 5th, '08, 20:16

Congrats hmmmtea - the Hawks just won! Tough game for the Redskins. :(

So glad to hear you liked the article. Seattle is one heck of a city. Was only there for a few days and fell head over heels for it! (Shhhh - don't tell Chicago!) Xine and I were talking about a travelogue for TeaMuse as we are on the road so much at Adagio. :)

Next stop Miami. Will see what we can find there.

Big welcome to you and turrisip!


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