Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

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Dec 22nd, '12, 09:15
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Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by phressh » Dec 22nd, '12, 09:15

Hi, I'm starting to get into pu'erh and I'm in the process of picking out my order, but I'm curious about what the average dimensions of a cake are. I'm a student and my room is extremely small, but I have a wooden box that I was thinking of using to store it in and want to know if it will fit. So if anyone has an unopened cake and a measuring tape handy, would you mind measuring it? Also, is there a thickness difference between the weights of the cakes?


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Dec 22nd, '12, 10:00
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Re: Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by apache » Dec 22nd, '12, 10:00

For 357g cake:

Diameter: 19.5 ± 0.5 cm
Height: 16 cm ÷ 7 = 2.3 cm

Dec 22nd, '12, 17:06
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Re: Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by phressh » Dec 22nd, '12, 17:06

Thanks! I'm surprised at how small they are, the pictures are misleading. I thought they were more like 30 cm diameter and 6 cm thick.

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Dec 22nd, '12, 18:59
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Re: Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by wyardley » Dec 22nd, '12, 18:59

The thickness depends on the type of cake (amount of compression, and whether it's a standard or discus cake). But the diameter for 357g cakes should be about the same either way.

Dec 25th, '12, 06:24
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Re: Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by ChengduCha » Dec 25th, '12, 06:24

There are some bigger cakes of up to 1kg weight with larger dimensions, but 357g with aforementioned dimensions is the norm for cakes and 250g for bricks which are even better suited for a box storage.

If you want to build up your knowledge of taste and effect, you should stick to samples though, which will also go easier on your storage space.

While they often cost double the price per gram, the education that you get this way will save you money in the long run when it comes to bad/mediocre cake purchases that you can't easily offload (who wants to give a crappy cake to their friends after all?).

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Dec 25th, '12, 07:59
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Re: Dimensions of a pu'erh cake?

by jayinhk » Dec 25th, '12, 07:59

I agree with ChengduCha's advice--sample before springing for an entire cake you might have to slog through if it doesn't turn out to be your thing.

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