Cloud suggests 5 criteria to choose pu for aging

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Jan 8th, '13, 04:36
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Re: Cloud suggests 5 criteria to choose pu for aging

by Tead Off » Jan 8th, '13, 04:36

apache wrote:
Tead Off wrote:
tst wrote:I think he is just saying to leave the remaining sample you already have and try it again after several years have passed.

I don't think he's saying to buy the cake if there is any questions about it.
Sounds like the cake is already bought to me. Samples, when possible, are definitely the way to go.
No, I'm not saying to buy the cake and see what happen in a few years time. I thougth you already got the cake and not sure about it. Just keep the remaining sample and try again in a few years time. But if you enjoy it and are not planning to age it and the price is good, I see no reason why not have one and drink it like green tea.
Right, I see. I'm trying to decide what to keep my samples in that would allow a real aging climate like we have here in BKK. With bings it's easy. But I think the samples need to be taken out of their zip-locked bags, put into some other container that will allow a real continuation of the aging process. Any ideas? Large mesh bags? Hemp? wrapped up cheese cloth?

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Jan 8th, '13, 05:07
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Re: Cloud suggests 5 criteria to choose pu for aging

by apache » Jan 8th, '13, 05:07

I think as long as it wasn't stored air tight, should be ok. I would put it in a paper bag then store the bag in a metal box or ceramic jar with other pu samples. But don't put sheng and shu samples together in the same container!

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