From Belgium!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Jan 4th, '13, 09:15
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From Belgium!

by Risdt » Jan 4th, '13, 09:15


My name is Rist Van de Weyer and I'm a 19 year old guy from Belgium, and to be even more specific: from the Flemish speaking part. Currently I'm a second year college student in biotechnology.
I've always been interested in taste( and music), it started with a love for beer. As a Belgian I always considered quality beer for granted, been drinking it since I was born. The big chance into really appreciating the art of beercrafting came from my dad who introduced me to geuze.... later on I discovered microbreweries and whisky but the big problem was that I didn't like to drink alcohol every day so that's how I ended up with a big passion for tea. My first introduction too real,quality tea was in Taiwan when visiting my back then girlfriend's family. At first I didn't like oolong tea at all, tasted like soap! But then her dad took me to a gong fu cha session and I was amazed by its complexity and concentration towards the tea. After this experience we drove to some teafields a couple of times, they bought me a beginners set and told me to practise every single day and so I did.

Some people might now me from my blog ( but I think for most people here I'm new. I signed up here because I'm eager to learn, mainly about Taiwanese oolong and yixing clay but lately I've also started to develop an interest in Japanese pottery and greens.

Apologies for the long introduction.

Wish you all the best for the New Year!

Rist Van de Weyer

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Jan 5th, '13, 01:50
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Re: From Belgium!

by Chip » Jan 5th, '13, 01:50

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing you around! :mrgreen:

Careful, Japanese Yaki and teas can be quite addictive! :mrgreen: But a great addiction nevertheless ...

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Jan 5th, '13, 07:57
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Re: From Belgium!

by David R. » Jan 5th, '13, 07:57

Welcome !

Jan 7th, '13, 15:42
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Re: From Belgium!

by chabaka » Jan 7th, '13, 15:42

Hi Rist,

Good to see you here too!


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Jan 8th, '13, 17:11
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Re: From Belgium!

by AdamMY » Jan 8th, '13, 17:11

Welcome Belgium does have some great beers, I actually worked through one of each of the Chimay offerings the other day. I think you will find many of the people on the forum are "foodies" in general, and like many different culinary delights.

Have fun on your tea journy, and try not to let a teaware addiction dent your wallet too much. :mrgreen:

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Apr 11th, '13, 13:56
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Re: From Belgium!

by 5am » Apr 11th, '13, 13:56

Welcome! How are you enjoying biotechnology.

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