Hello from Finland

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Jan 18th, '13, 16:59
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Hello from Finland

by vandaensis » Jan 18th, '13, 16:59

Hello, TeaChatters!

I've been following TeaChat for some time now reading and learning many things about tea. Perhaps it's finally time to say hello.

My tea hobby got more serious about six months ago. Previously, I had been drinking green tea for some years beginning from pyramid tea bags and moving to loose leaf flavoured teas and finally to pure tea leaves. Then a friend of mine introduced me to oolongs and pu er teas, and I felt like discovering a new world.

Since then, I have found Taiwanese high mountain oolongs, my current favorite being Li Shan. I've also tasted some pu er teas, first shu and later sheng, which is the type I like more. I also like Japanese Shinchas very much.

I have learned so far that my journey in the world of tea has just started. TeaChat is a great resource for learning and I'd like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge here for beginners like me.

Best regards from the Finnish winter (-24 C outside at the moment) with a cup of Lushan Yun Wu and distant taste of spring.

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Jan 18th, '13, 17:30
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Re: Hello from Finland

by Chip » Jan 18th, '13, 17:30

vandaensis wrote:I also like Japanese Shinchas very much.
OK, you can stay! :mrgreen:

Wow, that is reallllly cold! :shock:

(oh yeah, welcome to TeaChat, even though you have been lurking for a while)

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Jan 18th, '13, 18:48
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Re: Hello from Finland

by chado.my.teaway » Jan 18th, '13, 18:48

Heyo;) -24? Yeah...U have to like tea;p

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Jan 18th, '13, 19:44
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Re: Hello from Finland

by AdamMY » Jan 18th, '13, 19:44

Welcome to Teachat!

I got to spend several hours in Helsinki once, rather enjoyed it, walked around the town, and went for a bike ride. Great place, though I went there in "summer" which honestly would be called winter in about half the United States. (Hmm maybe I should put in my Jean Sibelius CD).

It is a great place, hope to see you around discussing tea and teaware. You are a little early for Shincha Season, but I am sure the hype will start up soon :!: :mrgreen:

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Jan 18th, '13, 21:03
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Re: Hello from Finland

by Emjaysmash » Jan 18th, '13, 21:03


Jan 19th, '13, 04:30
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Hello from Finland

by vandaensis » Jan 19th, '13, 04:30

Thanks everyone for warm welcoming.

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