Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jan 22nd, '13, 12:45
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by loyolalipton » Jan 22nd, '13, 12:45

Hello fellow teachatters. I'm from StL MO 35 and just now getting in to loose leaf tea. Can't wait to learn from all the sages here.

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Jan 22nd, '13, 13:07
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Re: Introduction

by tomasini » Jan 22nd, '13, 13:07

Sages??? Shhhhh! Don't encourage them :)
Just kidding, they are pretty smart. But anywho, welcome! And party on.

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Jan 22nd, '13, 13:27
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Re: Introduction

by amaranto » Jan 22nd, '13, 13:27

Welcome from another newbie on the forum :D

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Jan 23rd, '13, 11:55
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Re: Introduction

by Chip » Jan 23rd, '13, 11:55

Hello loyalalipton and Welcome to TeaChat!

We are looking forward to helping you with your along as you learn more about tea! :mrgreen:

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Feb 3rd, '13, 11:00
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Re: Introduction

by AdamMY » Feb 3rd, '13, 11:00

Welcome! I have a good friend from highschool working for NPR out in STL MO. I think she loves the city but hates the horribly inconsistent weather.

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Feb 3rd, '13, 12:10
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Re: Introduction

by debunix » Feb 3rd, '13, 12:10

In my time in St Louis I was mostly buying a few chinese supermarket brand loose teas, and my most reliable source was Global Foods in St Louis. Lots of interesting teas, not necessarily the fanciest, but a whole lot more fun than lipton. Not a bad place to start.....

Feb 21st, '13, 19:08
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Re: Introduction

by The_Cats_Pajamas » Feb 21st, '13, 19:08

I'm a newb too and a fellow St. Louis resident! Good to see that I am not alone.

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