Jan 7th, '08, 02:38
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Offer: TriniTEA electric maker $49, NYC pickup only

by karia » Jan 7th, '08, 02:38

Pending Pick Up...thanks!

The deal is this. I got it. and used it like 4 times, but i didnt like how much time the clean up took after each use. So if you are in NYC and interested in getting a basically new triniTEA electric maker. I got it on 03/23/07. of course it works well and is clean and clear. I have all the parts but no box.
$49 or any reasonable offer.

It is pick up in downtown brooklyn (court st) only however.

Jan 31st, '08, 17:12
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Cleanup time?

by fireham » Jan 31st, '08, 17:12

I don't spend hardly any time on cleanup. The middle chamber and pot, I just empty, rinse and let dry.

are you having to clean the loose tea leaves and other loose materal out of the little cup in the middle chamber? if so, I have a suggestion.

order the empty tea bags, put your tea in those. then you don't really even have to use the little cup, and no loose materal floating around.

dump, rinse, dry, re-use.