Reston, VA - Lake Anne Coffeehouse

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Sep 12th, '05, 18:07
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Reston, VA - Lake Anne Coffeehouse

by Mina » Sep 12th, '05, 18:07

I'd like to draw attention to the Lake Anne Coffeehouse in Reston, VA, and if possible get it added to the TeaMap.

Address is 1612 Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 20190.

It doesn't have an independent website, but information can be found at

Although it's called a coffeehouse, I find the tea selection to rival that of any dedicated tearoom. A large variety, including my favorites, Assam and Moroccan Mint, served loose leaf in small teapots. Price is decent, about $3 for a pot that will make at least four or five cups. You can also get a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and breakfast items.

The indoor seating area is small, a mix of a half-dozen tables and several armchairs, but the atmosphere is excellent. Warm yellow walls, a decorative fireplace, classical or Spanish music playing softly on the sound system. The patio has plentiful seating and is covered, perfect for warmer days. The entire plaza surrounding the lake provides free wireless internet access as a community initiative, so whether you lounge inside the coffeeshop or take your tea to a lakeside bench, your laptop can join you.

Lake Anne Coffeehouse is owned by a Latino family. The service is amazing. I can go into Starbucks daily and still not feel like a regular customer, but the Coffeehouse makes me feel instantly welcome. I remember one day I had stumbled upon a group of knitters (didn't I say this place has great atmosphere?), and while I was with my impromptu knitting group, the manager joined us for a few minutes to ask questions about our projects. Very sweet. Another day, the same person brought a free iced drink to my table after I had worked my way through a couple of pots of tea and some pecan pie.

So....anyone else in NoVA who has been here?

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Sep 12th, '05, 18:37
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by ilya » Sep 12th, '05, 18:37


Please feel free to add this tearoom yourself to teamap. Simply go to the Virginia listing and on the right hand side, you will see a button that allows you to add a etaroom. Fill in all the info you have and we will take care of the rest.

Sep 12th, '05, 18:53

by Mina - not logged in » Sep 12th, '05, 18:53

Done! I was led astray because I thought only shop owners could add their own shops.

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