Question regarding 8582 (2011, batch 103)

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Jan 25th, '13, 17:36
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Question regarding 8582 (2011, batch 103)

by chabaka » Jan 25th, '13, 17:36

Hi everyone,

Hope this question has not been asked repeatedly in the past. Trying a forum search of "8582" gave me 420+ results and I have to confess that I've not gone through all of them.

My question: is it true that Dayi blends it 8582 by mixing maocha from two previous years? I think I read something like this somewhere on the blogosphere a little while ago. Can anyone confirm this and perhaps even point me to a sound source for verification?

The reason I'm asking: on a German tea forum we have shared a bing of 8582 produced on November 22nd in 2011. But the bing looks and tastes mighty dark for a 2011 production. I've got a Mangfei from 2008 and a Fuhai 7536 from 2007 which seem about as dark as this 8582 from 2011. When looking at other sheng made in 2010 and 2011, those look much lighter.
This strikes us as odd, but I think I've read somewhere that when pressing a bing of 8582, maocha from previous years is used. If the 2011November pressing contains some maocha from Spring of 2009 and that maocha has been stored loosely in warm & humid Xishuangbanna - well that might explain why the bing looks a few years older than other 2011 sheng.

Perhaps some of you can enlight me on this topic?

Thanking you in advance and drinking to your health with some mellow 7536,


Jan 25th, '13, 20:28
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Re: Question regarding 8582 (2011, batch 103)

by bryan_drinks_tea » Jan 25th, '13, 20:28

Someone else on here will have to supply the exact details, but most of those dayi sheng blends have leaves from different years in them, as far as I understand it. For the shu blends, i'm not sure. I don't know why they blend the teas from different years.

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