adding chamomile to a blend?

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Jan 8th, '08, 02:45
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adding chamomile to a blend?

by karia » Jan 8th, '08, 02:45


so as it were, i dont like chamomile tea on its own but i think it does well we added to another tea.

i want to add it so some teas to make my own "House Blend" but i have never made my own mixes and dont know how much to add.

i want them to have just a hint of chamomile, where you could tell it had something soothing there but you could not tell it was chamomile till someone mentions it and then its clear.

ok i want to blend it with these teas from adagio:

fruit meldey
wild strawberry
decaf earl grey

what are some things i should consider?

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Jan 8th, '08, 09:51
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by Mary R » Jan 8th, '08, 09:51

I believe the first two are herbal/fruit blends already, which means they're probably best steeped at boiling for 5-7 minutes--the same parameters as chamomile. So, there shouldn't be any logistical problems there. Taste wise, chamomile is already pretty subtle, so if your fruit blends are tart, you'll likely have to use an awful lot of chamomile (or a little bit of fruit) to notice it. Just experiment a bit to see what's good for'll all be drinkable even if it's not ideal.

As for the black, that could be tricky. I find that chamomile is better at longer steepings (7 minutes or so), whereas the Earl Grey's sort of peak at 4. My first approach would be to use more chamomile than I normally would to compensate for the lack of brew time.

But that's just my two cents. :)

Jan 8th, '08, 10:41
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by karia » Jan 8th, '08, 10:41


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