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Feb 11th, '13, 00:31
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Re: Help Identifying Tea

by Namnai » Feb 11th, '13, 00:31

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Re: Help Identifying Tea

by Maneki Neko » Feb 11th, '13, 02:25

U r welcome :wink:

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Re: Help Identifying Tea

by Evan Draper » Feb 11th, '13, 14:18

Cool...Adammy, do you write papers like this? :)

Feb 14th, '13, 13:42
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Re: Help Identifying Tea

by Namnai » Feb 14th, '13, 13:42

Poohblah wrote:ok, so we have so far...
1. tieguanyin (light roast green oolong)
2. huangshan maofeng (a kind of chinese green tea)
3. some kind of green tea. Ure no cha, according to Drax :D
4. I can't read japanese, but the kanji say it's "healthy tea" from the "garden of fragrance and taste". Doesn't look quite like sencha to me though...
5. Korean green tea. "Snow" green to be a little more accurate. Somebody else might be able to help us flesh this out
6. The character appears to be 玄, "mysterious, dark". I don't know how helpful this is. Could be a name or could refer to a period of time? I'm probably totally wrong on my reading of this character.

Sorry I don't have too much to contribute, but I love following along with these translation requests that frequently pop up here.
I sent a message to a Korean friend to try and get him to read the Korean tea package. Here's his reply:

"I can read it but I cannot tell what kind of tea it is. The name of the tea is 'Uk Su', and the description below says that it is a soft-taste leaf tea with good water colors when steeped. My guess is that it is some kind of green tea, but with loose leaves rather than tea bags."

Anyone have any idea what "Uk Su" tea is?

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Feb 15th, '13, 01:10
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Re: Help Identifying Tea

by Poohblah » Feb 15th, '13, 01:10

It is obviously Korean green tea as it has 綠茶* "green tea" in Chinese characters on the package and the other writing is Korean.

There are many kinds of Korean green tea. If all your Korean friend can tell you from the packaging is that it is not tea bags, then I suspect he doesn't know about the different kinds of Korean green tea either.

I don't know much about them. It doesn't help that there are many different romanizations of the different types.

"Uk Su" is probably the name for the tea as opposed to the type of Korean green tea.

The most common types of Korean green tea that I have seen are (roughly) Ujeon, Sejak, and Jungjak. I don't know anything about these terms other than these refer to either grades of tea or harvest (first flush/second flush/third flush or spring harvest/summer harvest/winter harvest).

If your Korean friend can recognize one of those phrases on the package, then you would have a better idea of what you are looking at.

For more information on Korean green teas, read MattCha's Blog. Also ask AdamMY on these forums as I understand that he knows a little bit about Korean teas.

*if you want to get specific, the four Chinese characters are 雪綠 茗茶 - the first two mean "snow" and "green" respectively, while the second two characters both mean "tea".

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