Is it true?

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Feb 21st, '13, 07:42
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Is it true?

by drone1952 » Feb 21st, '13, 07:42

My first teacher in the art of tea continues to say that the tea in bags not so good that bulk tea. Sorry,never ask why.
It could be a explcatie or is only a fantasy.
Question to clarify : what is Otti & Notti.

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Feb 22nd, '13, 15:56
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Re: Is it true?

by Devoted135 » Feb 22nd, '13, 15:56

It's true that the tea leaves used for bagged tea is generally not as high a quality as what is sold as loose leaf. Also, the different brewing techniques used with loose leaf with generally lead to a "better" cup of tea.

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Feb 23rd, '13, 18:24
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Re: Is it true?

by TeasandPeas » Feb 23rd, '13, 18:24

OTTI stands for Official Tea Tasting Initiative.

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Mar 7th, '13, 23:01
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Re: Is it true?

by yalokinh » Mar 7th, '13, 23:01

I have nothing against bagged tea, but i do find that it isnt usually high grade tea. and life is too short for bad tea

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