where to get chaozhou teapots

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Feb 23rd, '13, 02:54
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where to get chaozhou teapots

by yalokinh » Feb 23rd, '13, 02:54

Ive tired to look for 80-100 ml chaozhou teapots with very minimal success.
Ive found one teapot on grand tea that was cheap, but dislike the shape.
Some on tea habitat, chinese tea company, and postcard teas, but they are pretty expensive.
Any info on where to get them?
I dont care so much about the artist as much as quality, but price has to be right.

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Feb 23rd, '13, 16:18
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Re: where to get chaozhou teapots

by wyardley » Feb 23rd, '13, 16:18

You could contact Jing too. They don't have any on their site, but might find one for you.

You could also look on Taobao, and use a proxy service to buy the pot.

Feb 23rd, '13, 16:53
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Re: where to get chaozhou teapots

by zencha » Feb 23rd, '13, 16:53

I have several in my collection I'd be willing to sell .
Send me a PM if interested .

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