Looking for good Keemun

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Feb 25th, '13, 19:01
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Looking for good Keemun

by Brian5701 » Feb 25th, '13, 19:01

The best Keemuns I've ever had were back in the laste 90s. They were small-leaf teas that brewed up pretty strong, with pronounced chocolatey/orchid/wine notes and not just biscuity roasty. The Keemun "Mao Feng" larger leaf style seems more popular and appears to command higher prices, but I have yet to taste one that impresses. Anyone have any recommendations?

Feb 25th, '13, 21:17
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by ethan » Feb 25th, '13, 21:17

I can't help you Brian but want to thank you.
I have a memory of being served Keemun in the 1970s that I liked a lot. I have tried it several times since (including some expensive stuff) & have been disappointed.
I had decided that somehow what I remembered was wrong. I guess there was once good Keemun.

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Feb 26th, '13, 00:42
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by chado.my.teaway » Feb 26th, '13, 00:42

Here - only here.


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Feb 27th, '13, 16:59
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by Evan Draper » Feb 27th, '13, 16:59

I am surprised to hear you say that the Mao Feng commands higher prices--I was under the impression that the Hao Ya was a finer leaf grade, being composed of tips. You should get more fruity notes in the Hao Ya. I do tend to prefer the Mao Feng, though.

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Feb 27th, '13, 19:02
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by gingkoseto » Feb 27th, '13, 19:02

I think Evan is right that hao ya is more expensive than mao feng. But I think the other guys are talking about the "traditional" keemun, which has chopped leaves. Both hao yao and mao feng are sort of new trends. But keenum itself is younger than one century anyway.
I myself like mao feng the best. But the mao feng black tea I like tastes more "chocolaty" than flora. I think I could feel for you guys who like traditional keemun better. Nowadays the higher end black teas tend to be rather floral, which may feed people's pursuit for aroma. But the black teas I like best have deeper tone aroma and taste.

Feb 28th, '13, 10:58
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by Brian5701 » Feb 28th, '13, 10:58

The dry leaves from the Hao Ya grades are very small and probably the darkest tea leaves I've seen. Some of the better samples I've tasted had leaves with a bluish "sheen" to them. I think they are cut leaves, there aren't any golden tips or fur at all.

Price-wise, I agree that Hao Ya > Mao Feng > standard grades. That being said, I've had Hao Ya that was not good at all. Pre-packed tins from asian markets or eBay typically have no aroma or flavor. These sorts of tea are usually pretty old, but Keemun is supposed to age well from everything I've read.

Chado: I took your advice and ordered Keemun from FiveStar. Once I get it, I'll post a mini-review here.

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Feb 28th, '13, 16:35
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by teaisme » Feb 28th, '13, 16:35

I noticed today teaspring also has a new nice little selection of 3 organic keemuns in Tins. Might be worth a try.
http://www.teaspring.com/1985-Series-Ke ... ck-Tea.asp

jingteashop gift grade keemun is good too, also organic
http://www.jingteashop.com/pd-jing-tea- ... emn-gg.cfm

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Feb 28th, '13, 18:13
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by Chip » Feb 28th, '13, 18:13

Keemun is turning into another Dong Ding ... another Long Jing ...

Keemun used to be from Qi Men in An Hui Province, but today it may be from anywhere it seems ... perhaps denoting Keemun style versus origin.

So, if you want Keemun from Qi Men, I guess make sure.

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Mar 18th, '13, 12:35
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by kittylovestea » Mar 18th, '13, 12:35

Unfortunately I have no means of comparison as I was not even born in the 70's but non the less, Keemun is one of my favourite black teas and the best that I have tasted is Teavivre's Organic Superfine Keemun.


It's robust and clean with the perfect balance of flavours. :)

Mar 27th, '13, 09:11
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by sandra » Mar 27th, '13, 09:11

i second Teavivre's Keemun. I usually buy the tea per kilo :P

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Aug 5th, '13, 16:57
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by bambooforest » Aug 5th, '13, 16:57

http://www.rishi-tea.com/product/keemun ... l-reserves

The above may be what you're seeking.

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Aug 6th, '13, 08:37
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by MEversbergII » Aug 6th, '13, 08:37

This is the only one I've had:

http://teahong.com/black-teas/7002-blac ... st-gt.html

I enjoyed it. They recently added another to the lineup, so maybe I'll try that one next, or some of the ones linked above.


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Nov 22nd, '13, 09:49
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by joelbct » Nov 22nd, '13, 09:49

If you want the very best Keemun, at $24 an ounce look no further:

https://www.itoen.com/loose-leaf-tea/ch ... -dawn.html

When I first tried this in 2006 I was skeptical, it was $36/oz that year, and at a price that ridiculous I simply had to see for myself. Amazingly it's justified, an exquisite taste, delicate, perfectly balanced, notes of chocolate and fruit... I can't recommend it highly enough.

Nov 28th, '13, 04:44
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by ClarG » Nov 28th, '13, 04:44

I have had Keemun Panda #1 and I enjoyed this black tea with milk.

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Nov 29th, '13, 10:26
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Re: Looking for good Keemun

by Evan Draper » Nov 29th, '13, 10:26

ClarG wrote:Keemun Panda #1
A Metropolitan product if I recall correctly. Ridiculous, there aren't any panda in Anhui! Or will you become fat, slow, and hairy if you drink it?

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