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Mar 1st, '13, 21:39
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Chagama kan (rings)

by blairswhitaker » Mar 1st, '13, 21:39

so I bought a chagama on ebay and it doesn't have any kan (rings) wondering if anyone knows a source, google didn't bring me up anything of service... one pair that were several hundred dollars. alternatively if anyone has some iron rod and an anvil lets make a deal

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Mar 2nd, '13, 07:50
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Re: Chagama kan (rings)

by JBaymore » Mar 2nd, '13, 07:50

Sometimes here:



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Mar 15th, '13, 19:23
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Re: Chagama kan (rings)

by edkrueger » Mar 15th, '13, 19:23

I don't know if you are still looking, but: ... 4d0a6e05a9

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