Water again.

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Mar 4th, '13, 22:30
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Water again.

by SlientSipper » Mar 4th, '13, 22:30

Since my topic got deleted from last time.


Is Aquafina the same as Dasani water?

I remember an article saying it is.

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Mar 4th, '13, 23:52
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Re: Water again.

by Poohblah » Mar 4th, '13, 23:52

Not according to Wikipedia.

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Mar 5th, '13, 10:01
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Re: Water again.

by brandon » Mar 5th, '13, 10:01

They are "manufactured" by the same general process. Reverse osmosis followed by very taste-poor remineralization.

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Mar 5th, '13, 11:33
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Re: Water again.

by Chip » Mar 5th, '13, 11:33

... I have used both Aquafina and Dasani for brewing Japanese teas with equal success ... I guess. Unfortunately I have only seen either in small plastic bottles.

But I can get Pura Vida in gallon jugs which is essentially the same.

I have not done a lot of experimenting outside of these. Someone recommended these for Japanese teas. The results are better than our well water which is harder than nails. So, any improvement is a plus.

Still it kills me to put more plastic into the environment!

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