Torn wrappers... ugh.

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Mar 6th, '13, 01:03
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Torn wrappers... ugh.

by futurebird » Mar 6th, '13, 01:03

Hey all. Two of my bings have torn wrappers mostly due to me not being carful enough, but also because one wrapper was not in good shape when I got it in.

Can I buy replacement paper? Or just put it in a paper bag? I've read that it *isn't* rice paper...

I'm also concerned about not knowing which is which if it get separated from the wrapper. How do you stay organized?

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Mar 6th, '13, 02:10
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Re: Torn wrappers... ugh.

by MarshalN » Mar 6th, '13, 02:10

The simplest solution is to buy a ziploc bag big enough for the cake. If this is something you regularly drink, you'll be done with it in a few months.

For things that you hope to age, that's a bit more difficult. I'd suggest buying some new paper for it. What paper you get really depends on what you have available.

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Mar 6th, '13, 06:47
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Re: Torn wrappers... ugh.

by TomVerlain » Mar 6th, '13, 06:47

the nefei ( label stuck in the top layer of tea) should help ID it if the wrapper is lost. Since lots of wrappers (cnnp) look (to me ) very much the same, even having the wrapper/nefei does not always serve to id the cake.

Mar 7th, '13, 00:42
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Re: Torn wrappers... ugh.

by Emmett » Mar 7th, '13, 00:42

I have had the same problem with a few cakes that have very thin paper. The next time you put an order in from a vendor just ask if they have a few extra wrappers. Yunnan Sourcing and Puerhshop have them. I have gotten a few like that, or just contact a vendor and see if they will sell you some. I also had a tong in which the cakes had no wrappers so I used the extras after opening it.

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Mar 11th, '13, 22:57
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Re: Torn wrappers... ugh.

by EvenOdd » Mar 11th, '13, 22:57

What about getting some tissue paper (like for gifts)?

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