Darjeeling 2013 First Flush

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Mar 13th, '13, 09:47
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Darjeeling 2013 First Flush

by chado.my.teaway » Mar 13th, '13, 09:47


http://www.darjeelingteaxpress.com/darj ... irst-flush

Who order first?:D I have to wait for other teas lige Castleton, Singbulli, Giddapahar, Namring and North Tukvar;) But Jungpana and Rohini looks great. The date of the harvest was towards end feburary. 1-2 days of plucking.;)

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Mar 13th, '13, 16:25
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Re: Darjeeling 2013 First Flush

by yshuto » Mar 13th, '13, 16:25

Mariage Freres has the:
2013 First Flush Namring Poomong Upper
2013 First Flush North Tukvar

Tried the Namring Poomong and found it extremely light in taste with almost no astringency. Would not classify it as among my favorites. IMHO, the 2012 FF Namring was my favorite of all the Darjeelings I tasted last year. As for the North Tukvar, have not tasted it yet and will probably purchase it along with other FF Darjeelings when they all become available Q2 2013.

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Mar 14th, '13, 21:03
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Re: Darjeeling 2013 First Flush

by sherubtse » Mar 14th, '13, 21:03

Here is one view of the 2013 Darjeeling FF teas:


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