Who else has this problem?

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Mar 7th, '13, 02:29
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Who else has this problem?

by Jspigs » Mar 7th, '13, 02:29

Back when I was in high school, I was in a tea time elective (awesome elective btw). One day the teacher suggested I bring some oolong I had been talking about to share next tea time. I warned her about the appearance of oolong but she said she didn't think it would be a problem. I brought it in and as everyone huddled around to see what I brought (I had a reputation for bringing the good stuff, good enough to warrant a huddle). Almost immediately multiple people asked "is that pot?" or a similar question. I have not gotten that question about any other teas of mine. Just the greenish rolled oolong. This confusion gives a whole new meaning to "rolled oolong." Sorry, couldn't resist that last part.

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Mar 7th, '13, 09:41
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Re: Who else has this problem?

by jayinhk » Mar 7th, '13, 09:41

Can't say I've ever had that issue, although the airport police in Manila found the ounce bags of pipe tobacco and my skull meerschaum pretty interesting and gave them some pretty eager sniffs. I can definitely see how greener oolongs could cause issues. :lol:

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Mar 15th, '13, 13:32
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Re: Who else has this problem?

by everyman » Mar 15th, '13, 13:32

Remember - Jack Kerouac used the slang "tea" for weed in On the Road. Maybe even Subterraneans - but it's been too long since I read either.
I remember thinking from the description that his "tea" had the appearance of real tea and that poor Jack had a terrible hook up.

In fairness I read On the Road in the 90s at a Reggae Fest in Sonoma County while listening to Peter Tosh. Hardly a comparison to a beatnik loft score.

Funny thing is if I were to go back and take that trip again, I'd be looking for tea shops. Oh how the wicked have mellowed.

Two things to remember.

1. The difference between weed aficionados and tea enthusiasts is that tea people like the leaves.

2. Ignorance is only bliss to the ignorant.


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Mar 15th, '13, 14:31
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Re: Who else has this problem?

by Chip » Mar 15th, '13, 14:31

A bit of a rabbit trail, but for the first couple years of TeaChat's existance, there was a topic called "Smoking Green Tea." This was the most posted in topic for quite a while. It had more posts than any other topic on TeaChat!

I finally moved it because it served no purpose to the TeaChat community as the only interested parties were not tea drinkers who would join to post in this topic. Then the members would respond in a non favorable way. This would happen over and over again.

Searching youtube for "smoking green tea" will blow your TeaMind.

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Apr 12th, '13, 20:20
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Re: Who else has this problem?

by futurebird » Apr 12th, '13, 20:20

What about the opposite problem? Image

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