Mar 16th, '13, 10:27
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Hello from a fangirling tea addict

by watsonholmes » Mar 16th, '13, 10:27

Hello everyone.

It's a pleasure to be here finally (after I screwed up on logging in several times). You can call me Watson if you like, most people around the web do. I'm 28 years old (getting ever closer to thirty) and I live in New England where I have a nice apartment, four fish (well six now if you count the two little babies), and 16 two year olds who I teach.

I got into tea last year after finding out about the fandom blends. Yes, I confess it, I'm a fangirl. Not a crazy fangirl, just one who likes be apart of the crazy fandoms and what not and laugh at the other crazy fangirls. Some of my favorite fandoms are Mass Effect, the Hobbit, Dragon Age, Disney (especially the Three Caballeros), and the Avengers. I have tons more but I'm probably boring you already.

Before Adagio I was a sometimes tea drinker, like I would drink every once and a while. But then I got on Tumblr and discovered the Adagio tag. Since then I've been hooked. I've recently been making my own blends which has been difficult since I'm still kind of an amateur to all this. I am right now keeping a little red tea book with a collection of all the teas I've tried and also how to make the perfect cup (which I'm still working on perfecting).

Well another thing about me is that I like to talk alot so I'm sorry if I have forced you to read a lot. I hope that I get to meet lots of cool tea drinkers from around the world, one of my many goals is to maybe travel one day and have tea in lots of different places. Till then I'll just continue making tea in my little kitchen:).

Thank you.

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Mar 17th, '13, 01:07
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Re: Hello from a fangirling tea addict

by amaranto » Mar 17th, '13, 01:07

Welcome! I hope you learn as much here as I have been learning.

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Re: Hello from a fangirling tea addict

by Chip » Mar 17th, '13, 01:30

Welcome to TeaChat. Enjoy your TeaJourney! :mrgreen:

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