Total novice...

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Jan 12th, '08, 16:59
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Total novice...

by KG » Jan 12th, '08, 16:59

Hi! I have recently discovered that, well, I love tea! I had always been stuck with some nasty brew as a child for that cure-all of tea, lemon and honey, but a kind soul salvaged my damaged taste buds by taking me to a tea house here in NC. If anyone has a information on a good tea to really start with I would greatly appreciate it! (Right now, I don't know the difference between green and oolong, but I know black tea! Cuz... well, it's black) Help!

I love to eat, cook, dance, fly, laugh, play, hike, camp, you name it! Also, any recommended tea houses or shops in the Fort Bragg area would be greatly appreciated and scoped out quickly!

Have a great day!

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Jan 12th, '08, 19:26
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by Ladytiger » Jan 12th, '08, 19:26

Welcome! And yay for loving tea! I think you would be able to start with a Ceylon OP (Orange Pekoe) or BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) since, at least to me, it has that taste that I associate with tea and it seems that you already have an interest in black teas.
The difference between differents teas is greens are not farmented before being dried like blacks are. Oolong are partically fermented before drying. Pu Erh I'm a little confused about myself but I know that they are aged.
As for your other question in your other thread check this out, I think it might answer your question thread. ... rading.asp

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Jan 13th, '08, 01:18
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by skywarrior » Jan 13th, '08, 01:18

Welcome KG!

Adagio makes lots of wonderful teas to try out. Other people have bought tea in plenty of other places as well, but Adagio has so many to try out, you might get a good feel for what's out there.

I'm pretty much a black tea drinker, but I also drink oolongs and occasionally greens. (I would save puerh for a completely other time :roll: )

Welcome aboard!!

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Jan 13th, '08, 06:18
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by criteaque » Jan 13th, '08, 06:18


welcome to TeaChat! If you have any doubts about what tea to start with, I’d suggest taking a look at Adagio’s bestsellers; it’s a good place to start :wink:


Jan 13th, '08, 09:54
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Thank you!!

by KG » Jan 13th, '08, 09:54

Thank you for the replies! I'll keep my eyes open for all of the different types. If anyone else has any suggestions, keep them coming!

Tea is best when shared.

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Jan 13th, '08, 22:35
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by Chip » Jan 13th, '08, 22:35

Black teas are the easiest and most readily available. I am partial to Chinese keemun or Golden Monkey...and they are very easy to make.

Oolongs are great but so variable and a little more challenging...

And the greens and whites...

Well, black is a good starting point, kind of logical, and that is where many of us started, including me.

Welcome, KG to TeaChat!!! WOW, Airforce, awsome!!! Tell us a little more if you want to, ok.

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