One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Mar 25th, '13, 10:06
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by sandra » Mar 25th, '13, 10:06

i recently bought a
2011 Shudaizi Big Tree Spring Bud Pu-erh Cake
to dive into the world of pu-er & to get rid of a bad pu experience (shu :()
also recieved samples from
2012 shudeizi nannuo big tree sheng
and 2012 menku old tree sheng
2003 yichanghao banna cake sheng

love, love the cake!!!!!!! :mrgreen: Smell is divine, taste complex. from bitter, to a quick sweet taste, with a bit of pepper/spice, and a floral aftertaste. (dry storage)

I plan to drink this daily, is that o.k. or is it too young still?
wouldn't know how to store it properly in my house so thought of drinking it right away.
read some articles that drinking too young sheng is not good for your health?

and please have mercy on me, first time drinker, and only getting into pu er.
any advice/tips?


Mar 25th, '13, 10:38
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by JakubT » Mar 25th, '13, 10:38

I'd say that you can drink it and see how it works for you. I was a heavy drinker of young pu for some three to four years, before it started making me sick (now I drink much less of it). Some people seem to drink loads of young pu and they do not have any problems at all.

I'd say that drinking young pu everyday may eventually lead to stomach problems, but if you observe yourself and don't overdo it, it should be ok.

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Mar 25th, '13, 10:45
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by debunix » Mar 25th, '13, 10:45

I think the only guide to whether you are 'ok' to drink a young sheng puerh or not should be whether you like it or not. If you like it, then feel free to enjoy it, no waiting required.

I've not heard anything that makes me worry about health risks of younger vs older puerh--some people find one tea is harder on their digestion than another, but I'd go back to the first point--if you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, no worries.

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Mar 25th, '13, 10:54
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by lordsbm » Mar 25th, '13, 10:54

If you have gastric problem, try not to take young sheng daily. Shudaizi is actually one of the tuition tea on Taobao. I almost bought them too but saw on China forums, the seller is one of the 3 main "tea scholars" :lol:

But as long as you like them it's ok, don't need to think if they are tuition tea or not :) However, don't expect the materials are from where they market to be. :lol:

It really depends on your body.

Mar 25th, '13, 14:37
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by sandra » Mar 25th, '13, 14:37

thanks :D

will enjoy my sheng moderately, & will continue to further explore the wonderful world of pu !

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