Having Japanese green tea in office

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Mar 25th, '13, 15:35
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Having Japanese green tea in office

by kingfish8877 » Mar 25th, '13, 15:35

hi, i seriously like to drink japanese green tea at office, but we only have hot boiling water here. one of the cardinal sins i understand is to use boiling water for japanese tea, but would it be bit awkward to measure the temperature of the water before making tea?

any suggestions on how i can make proper japanese green tea at office in the simplest and fastest way?


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Mar 25th, '13, 16:59
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Re: Having Japanese green tea in office

by Chip » Mar 25th, '13, 16:59

Pouring boiling water from one vessel to another to another will likely do the trick.

Many of us use a thermometer for measuring temps for Japanese green tea.

BTW, I will be moving this topic to Green Teas forum of TeaChat where it will be more at home.

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Mar 25th, '13, 17:31
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Re: Having Japanese green tea in office

by teaisme » Mar 25th, '13, 17:31

nice easy way is with a teapot, cup, and water cooling vessel

For a good sencha...
-pour boiling water into teapot to preheat, pour that water into cooling vessel and cup after, discard
-fill teapot with boiling water, cover, pour into water cooler
-add leaf to pot, wait a little (touch cooling device, observe steam, learn from some trial and error what feels 'ready' for your specific cooling device and specific tea)
-pour from cooler into teapot, when brews ready pour into cup
-next infusion pour boiling water into cooling vessel, wait (the second brew usually takes longer for water to cool sufficiently since you don't lose as much heat from preheating and transferring

For me at work I try to go 3 bigger infusions (250ml-300ml). I use generous amount of leaf, first brew 1-2 mins, second 20-60s, third 2-4 mins, gradually increasing temp if I had to guess around 160, 170-180, 185

Water cooling vessel can be something more official like this... http://www.o-cha.com/green-teas/water-coolers/
or a simple creamer pourer , teapot, or cup that is easy to pour

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Mar 25th, '13, 19:29
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Re: Having Japanese green tea in office

by edkrueger » Mar 25th, '13, 19:29

kingfish8877 wrote:one of the cardinal sins i understand is to use boiling water for japanese tea
Japanese people do it all the time, but what do they know?

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