New to Tea in Maryland

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Mar 26th, '13, 15:50
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New to Tea in Maryland

by Sunami » Mar 26th, '13, 15:50

Hi I am new to Tea converting from Coffee, just because of the enjoyment of variety. I have enjoyed exploring different flavors! I have a pretty poor sense of smell, can anyone recommend stronger teas that would stand out in flavor, rather than being more reliant on scent? Does that make sense. I have been trying different flavors and I have a blend of Chai Mate and Oolong from Teavana that has a very distinct ginger taste that I like, so I am wondering if there is a particular type or brand that would speak to my taste buds vs. my nose as some just taste like flavored water more than anything.


Mar 26th, '13, 21:40
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Re: New to Tea in Maryland

by h2oprnt » Mar 26th, '13, 21:40

I just wanted to say welcome, I am of no help with the teas as of yet, but hopefully soon I can.

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Mar 27th, '13, 11:41
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Re: New to Tea in Maryland

by Chip » Mar 27th, '13, 11:41

Welcome Sunami to TeaChat. I certainly hope to see you around the forum.

Black teas can be very strong depending on your brewing techniques, however do you mean strong FLAVOR-added teas?

Apr 1st, '13, 21:26
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Re: New to Tea in Maryland

by Sunami » Apr 1st, '13, 21:26

Yes, flavor added or blended teas. Any suggestions would be appreciated. So black tea over say oolong or other types?

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