Hello from North Carolina

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Apr 1st, '13, 20:02
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Hello from North Carolina

by OCTea » Apr 1st, '13, 20:02


I've been lurking here for the last couple weeks and thought I'd go ahead and say hello.

How long have you been drinking tea / What was your first Tea?

As many of you have said, i can't really remember my first tea but i'm sure it was in a bag with the name lipton on it. Parents were iced tea drinkers from the south. My first decent tea was still bagged but at least I moved to Tazo Zen green tea.

I'm 35 and didn't really get into tea until a couple months ago but now I cant get enough. There is a Teavana not far from me so that was where I got my first round of education. Now I'm seeing there is a whole other world and a whole lot more to learn.

What is your favorite tea?
My favorites as I write this is Longjing Dragonwell. I'm mainly focusing on Green at the moment and have tried Gyokuro Imperial with mild sucess. Finding out the importance of time and temp. with that one.

What is your next purchase?

Not sure. The more I read here the more I think my little cast Iron pot they sold me might be limiting my experience so I'm Likely to research a pot.

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?

At home at night when I get the kids to sleep and can enjoy some much needed

Looking forward to learning all I can from this community!

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Apr 1st, '13, 20:40
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Re: Hello from North Carolina

by Devoted135 » Apr 1st, '13, 20:40

Welcome OCTea! There are a couple of us here from NC, including me, glad you found teachat! :D

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Apr 3rd, '13, 20:52
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Re: Hello from North Carolina

by Chip » Apr 3rd, '13, 20:52

Welcome to teaChat, OCTea! Hope to see you around the forum!!!

Yes, you will need a new teapot! The so called"best teapot for brewing tea" is such a ... line.

Like many tea drinkers, Teavana is a gateway to tea (and teaware), and you will be much better off once you move beyond the gate.

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