Sejak Brewing Tips

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Apr 7th, '13, 15:06
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Re: Sejak Brewing Tips

by Chip » Apr 7th, '13, 15:06

JRS22 wrote:O5tea sells samples.
Coincidentally I just visted this site for the first time earlier today ... and I had to wonder and worry that since they seem to focus a lot on very pungent and aromatic extracts/scents that this could invade their teas. I had this happen before. Once I bought from an herb company as I recall, and all the teas had this conglomeration of annoying herbal scents.

I guess a good deal of this could depend upon how they obtain, store, package their teas. But contamination of teas can happen very easily with even minimal exposure to the same air.

I am not throwing them under the bus since I have never obtained anything from them, but have had bad experiences previously with "similar" companies.

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Apr 7th, '13, 16:42
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Re: Sejak Brewing Tips

by JRS22 » Apr 7th, '13, 16:42

They used to be or are related to Dao Tea. When I bought from them last year there were no odd aromas, but I don't remember seeing the extracts for sale on the site at the time.

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