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Apr 12th, '13, 13:26
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by aktng2 » Apr 12th, '13, 13:26

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and would take this opportunity to greet everyone. As a tea drinker, I love matcha, Yerba mate but hate sencha(though it is not considered as real tea... :roll: ). I look forward to learn from the experiences of those who came before me. I would love to share my thoughts and opinions in future topics should them be needed.

aktng2 (sorry, all the pseudonyms I tried were all taken)

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Apr 12th, '13, 13:47
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Re: Hello

by AdamMY » Apr 12th, '13, 13:47

Do you mean Yerba Mate is not real tea ( that is correct), or do you mean Sencha is not real tea? Tea is made from the C. Sinensis plant, so yes Sencha qualifies as tea, but Yerba mate does not. Yerba Mate is what would be called an Herbal Tisane, or Herbal Tea for short.

Also, welcome to Teachat!

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