Tea Houses/Shops/Cafes in NYC

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Apr 14th, '13, 09:01
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Tea Houses/Shops/Cafes in NYC

by joelbct » Apr 14th, '13, 09:01

New York now has so many nice cafes and espresso bars serving high-end artisinal coffee locally roasted by Stumptown or Brooklyn Roasters etc, I'd think all these cafe's could source some quality tea but it's still hard to find.

I'm going to post a list of tea offerings I approve of from NYC/Bkln Coffee Shops, Cafe's, & Teahouses. Work in progress, I'm just posting the tea's I've tried so far which I find drinkable, so feel free to add!


Cha An: Everything

Grounded: Dragonwell, China Five Peaks (recommend this one)
(served in Mug with filter bag, or Teapot; free water refills for the pots)


Sweetleaf: Golden Yunnan
(Served in filter bags, you may ask for a mug)

Kinfolk: Oolong (unspecified, from In Pursuit of Tea)

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Apr 15th, '13, 23:10
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Re: Tea Houses/Shops/Cafes in NYC

by yalokinh » Apr 15th, '13, 23:10

+1 on Cha An, great place

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Apr 16th, '13, 12:31
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Re: Tea Houses/Shops/Cafes in NYC

by Snooteaperson » Apr 16th, '13, 12:31

Ch An is delightful. I like Argo for its convenience and mocha maté, too.

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May 31st, '13, 12:39
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Re: Tea Houses/Shops/Cafes in NYC

by teaformeplease » May 31st, '13, 12:39

Finding tea in NYC is like a hobby of mine since I'm nearby in NJ. Radience Tea and Books is definitely still one of my faves. I'm started compiling a list on FourSquare that might be helpful:


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