Guide me through Taipei !

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Apr 18th, '13, 11:45
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Guide me through Taipei !

by KimChristian » Apr 18th, '13, 11:45

I'll be leaving for Asia in about a week and will have a stop-over
for some days in Taipei...

Any recommendations besides Wisteria related to tea / teawares are veeery much appreaciated !!

PS: I will post pics afterwards :mrgreen:

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Apr 18th, '13, 11:47
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Re: Guide me through Taipei !

by Chip » Apr 18th, '13, 11:47

Have a wonderful trip, I will be looking forward to your pictures. Sorry, I cannot offer any information. :(

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Apr 18th, '13, 16:50
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Re: Guide me through Taipei !

by teaisme » Apr 18th, '13, 16:50

yingde ... -town.html

great area to walk around, shop for teawares of all different types of quality and style , shopping plaza filled with teashops and other craft works
side streets filled with teashops, famous studios, and small no names.

Never bought any tea there, but plenty of teawares.
Some of the best Taiwanese street food I have ever tasted, which means it's pretty amazing since Taiwanese street food is usually good already.

This could fill in a whole day easy. Have fun! Lucky you go before it gets too hot :mrgreen:

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Apr 18th, '13, 22:49
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Re: Guide me through Taipei !

by Poohblah » Apr 18th, '13, 22:49

Ask SilentChaos... he is living in Taipei right now.

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