Hello from Vancouver, BC!

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Apr 27th, '13, 18:13
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Hello from Vancouver, BC!

by NoTimeLikeTeaTime » Apr 27th, '13, 18:13

Hey all! I'm new around here and just wanted to say hello. So, hello! I'm glad I found this community it's nice to be around like minded people since I don't have many friends who are into tea like I am.

Here's to many more posts by me! :mrgreen:

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Apr 28th, '13, 13:08
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Re: Hello from Vancouver, BC!

by chamekke » Apr 28th, '13, 13:08

Hello Notimeliketeatime! *waves* I'm over on Vancouver Island, just across the Strait from you. Lovely to meet a neighbour!

Which types of tea do you like? Do you have any particular tea passions?

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