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May 2nd, '13, 15:25
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by Ardent » May 2nd, '13, 15:25

Hello. I'm a newcomer to tea. Right now I've only had Lipton and Salada, but I hope to try some higher-quality teas in the near future.

I look forward to talking with you all.

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May 2nd, '13, 15:30
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Re: Hello

by chado.my.teaway » May 2nd, '13, 15:30

Welcome to TeaChat!!!

Lipton? You have to change that.

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May 2nd, '13, 15:47
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Re: Hello

by teaisme » May 2nd, '13, 15:47

howdy there, welcome!

The tea world is big, enjoy :mrgreen:

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