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May 3rd, '13, 01:28
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Re: Tea Vendors in Los Angeles and San Francisco CA

by JohnnyChai » May 3rd, '13, 01:28

debunix wrote:
victoria3 wrote:
debunix wrote:How well did they handle your knives?
Oh yes he is an expert 'sharpener', he's an American chef who went to Japan to cook and learned there about the art of sharpening. Their knives are top he supplies to restaurants;
Sounds excellent. I have been known to mail my japanese knives to The Japan Woodworker in Alameda when they needed more than the minor finishing I'm comfortable doing on my own wetstones. A local shop of similar quality is a great resource (putting name into address book and firmly into brain now).
Believe that Japan Woodworker has closed...

Jon at JKI is a solid guy; excellent sharpener notwithstanding. He sells some unique stuff if you are looking for quality, mostly handmade kitchen knife related from Japan. His wife Sara usually passes around some tea! There are a handful of American knife makers who are making this quality across the states but it's more of a commitment.

Regardless, if you want to go talk shop with Jon he is always game and you will certainly learn something with or without buying anything.

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May 3rd, '13, 01:58
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Re: Tea Vendors in Los Angeles and San Francisco CA

by debunix » May 3rd, '13, 01:58

JohnnyChai wrote:Believe that Japan Woodworker has closed...
All the more important to find another trusted option for knife rescue....

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