Hello everyone.

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jan 17th, '08, 01:34
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Hello everyone.

by lechon_kinenbi » Jan 17th, '08, 01:34

Hello everybody. I am a novice in terms of tea culture and hope that everyone would be willing to share some of their knowledge and expertise. Thanks.

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Jan 17th, '08, 03:15
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by Chip » Jan 17th, '08, 03:15

Welcome lechon_kinenbi... what is in your cup these days?

Our "tea wisdom" is poured out over the countless pages of this forum, but feel free to ask questions and share some wisdom yourself.

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Jan 17th, '08, 04:02
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by Sydney » Jan 17th, '08, 04:02

Welcome aboard.

Ditto what Chip said. heh

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