May 6th, '13, 12:25
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Any fellow tea drinkers in Colorado Springs

by jyfetterolf » May 6th, '13, 12:25

I have just recently moved to Colorado Springs, and I am curious if there are any other tea enthusiasts in the area. I moved from Atlanta where I was fortunate enough to participate in a tea meet-up put on by bearsbearsbears. I'd love to set up or be part of a similar experience in Colorado if there any TeaChat members out this way.

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May 6th, '13, 20:21
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Re: Any fellow tea drinkers in Colorado Springs

by Poohblah » May 6th, '13, 20:21

I did live there for quite a while. Unfortunately I can't recall much of a tea presence in the springs. There's not a whole lot of diversity or integration of foreign culture there.

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