Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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May 7th, '13, 11:31
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Re: Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

by BrooklynBrew » May 7th, '13, 11:31

Chip wrote:
BrooklynBrew wrote:I haven't used soap with it yet. Nor have I done genmaicha or houjicha in it. It's just been sencha. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't being overly cautious.
Certainly if it is a higher end Kyusu ... which this is not ... you certainly will want to be much more cautious about what you put into it ... this Kyusu is made to be pretty carefree ... IMHO. I do not think it will retain much in aroma and taste, obviously with prompt and thorough rinsing after each use.

From time to time, run a tiny bottle brush in the spout to knock off build up which could effect flavors.
So genmaicha and houjicha are okay in this? That makes life much easier for me at work.

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May 7th, '13, 14:46
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Re: Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

by 5am » May 7th, '13, 14:46

Mine is retaining flavor from the shincha I have been running through it. This teapot makes a perfect fukamushi but after I rinse with hot water and allow to air dry the remnants of the sencha are still detectable with my nose. I have avoided kukicha and hojicha in this pot for now. Of course I'm not saying you can't do it.

Maybe the slip really does help seal out the flavors.

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May 7th, '13, 17:23
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Re: Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

by Peacock » May 7th, '13, 17:23

If you worried about the kyusu retaining different aroma's and flavors pour hot water into your kyusu and wait a minute and taste it. I've done this with banko clay and noticed slight change in the colour of the water as well as the taste.

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May 7th, '13, 21:38
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Re: Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

by Muadeeb » May 7th, '13, 21:38

Just got my Hashiri Shincha, Grape Sencha, and Kyusu shipment. Man, this Kyusu pours fast! The grape Sencha is very good, excellent grapey flavor without being overpowering or artifical tasting. The Shincha will have to wait until tomorrow.

May 9th, '13, 12:10
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Re: Shudei Kyusu $5 at Den's

by Chris418 » May 9th, '13, 12:10

i got mine at the beginning of the week! Very happy for 5$
but mine is around 12oz (300-350ml) not the 8oz that they tell on the website.
btw i dont think this pot will absorb tea flavors ( like yixing)

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