Probable* Fake Dayi

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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May 7th, '13, 21:42
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Re: Probable* Fake Dayi

by lordsbm » May 7th, '13, 21:42

I think the best way to inhibit fake dayi is not to value real dayi more than its real value. But probably this won't happen anytime soon :shock:

I think what's going on now is something a Malaysia businessman shared with me many years back, "拉高打低" concept. Creating an upmarket with high prices, then hit the market with stuffs that you really want to clear.

If a new popular DY cake cost 600RMB, then a 06-08 costing 500RMB would look like a steal :lol:

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May 8th, '13, 09:28
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Re: Probable* Fake Dayi

by Dass » May 8th, '13, 09:28

All your tea looks genuine.
Can you take pictures of the whole back part of the 3 teas and post here?

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