Longjing from 2011 or 2013 ?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

May 22nd, '13, 00:16
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Longjing from 2011 or 2013 ?

by jbu2 » May 22nd, '13, 00:16

i ordered dragon well from Tmall and wihout opening the package i noticed that although i ordered 2013 harvest i got a can with 2011 imprinted and with a sticker said 2013, someone know if it's 2013 and if it's look genuine ?
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May 22nd, '13, 01:03
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Re: Longjing from 2011 or 2013 ?

by Poohblah » May 22nd, '13, 01:03

Hi jbu,

The Chinese on the tin simply says that the vendor made the list of "ten fine online stores around the world" in 2011. It is not a harvest date.

May 22nd, '13, 01:59
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Re: Longjing from 2011 or 2013 ?

by jbu2 » May 22nd, '13, 01:59

thanks that's reassuring, do you know the brand of the can ? is it look genuine ?

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May 25th, '13, 22:11
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Re: Longjing from 2011 or 2013 ?

by beachape » May 25th, '13, 22:11

In my experience you learn very little from the can or packaging that chinese tea comes in. A distributer will typically use a generic packaging for a specific type of tea for several different grades/regions; usually has a poem or something on the side...maybe some generic tea information. They will reuse the same designed tin and will add stickers to the tin to show you the year and the harvest time. Some will have little authenticity tags that you scratch off and supposedly call in. Those are more important if your product is supposedly from a specific region like Xihu longjing. Even those tags can be counterfeit.

Best way to know what you're getting is to buy from a reliable/ good rated seller. That can be hard to do with chinese teas. Otherwise you will eventually refine your taste and can distinguish for yourself to a certain degree.

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