Dayi 2013 301 Danqing

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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May 28th, '13, 22:30
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Re: Dayi 2013 301 Danqing

by MarshalN » May 28th, '13, 22:30

Catfur wrote:
MarshalN wrote:They did this in 2006. Remember v93?
I happen to like v93... and it's not terribly expensive.
I didn't say it's bad, but at one point a 100g tuo of v93 was something like $20 USD when brand new. At that time that price was ridiculously high when other tuos were going for something like $2 a piece.

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May 29th, '13, 20:06
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Re: Dayi 2013 301 Danqing

by gingkoseto » May 29th, '13, 20:06

I've read some reviews and taobao feedbacks about this tea. So far, it seems most people's comments are "overpriced (actually needless to say...), good, not great". But I haven't seen any comparison between this tea and other dayi non-heavy fermented shu, such as 8562, 7672, golden peacock, etc. Maybe most people who bought these tea aren't interested enough in this sort of comparison. If anybody on North American continent is getting danqing and wants some comparison, I propose for sample exchange :mrgreen: But maybe a lot more people have similar proposal as mine than people who are getting danqing :mrgreen:

So far I've read only one absolutely mesmerized review full of praises on danqing. But the review sounds so consistent with dayi cctv commercial of danqing, so I suspect the review is written by the guy who wrote the commercial, or who works with him :lol:

Last year Dayi did advertized about their "new-generation", "black-horse", "out-of-this-world", innovative, "backed up by post-doc scientists team", light-fermentation new technology last year. But you know, that's a commercial and one could say anything in a commercial :mrgreen:

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