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Tokoname Teapots

by xgsarnold » Jun 4th, '13, 18:34

I was searching through Tokoname's teapots today and noticed that they weren't always clear about the production of the pot. Here's the link:


One issue, for instance, included teapots created by Yokei Mizuno, a member of the Tokoname Hand-made Teapot Assoc., didn't always say whether they were handmade. Likewise, I'm not familiar enough with the Gyokko teapots to know what it means when a teapot bears that name. Did one of the masters of the Gyokko family personally craft that pot, or is there some "mold" that mimics a Gyokko model? Does anyone know whether all Tokoname teapots are hand-crafted or at least personally crafted by specific artists often named on the website? Presently, I'm going through teapots by artists and the clay they're using/location (e.g., Tokoname: Shimizu Genji, Kenji Hotta, Yoshiki Murata, etc., and Banko: Masaka Tachi, etc.). I'd appreciate any clarification that would help me sort through which teapots I am looking at purchasing. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for how I should alter my searches, please do share.

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Jun 4th, '13, 19:22
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Re: Tokoname Teapots

by JRS22 » Jun 4th, '13, 19:22

Have you seen the Artisic Nippon website? Toru, the owner, is always happy to answer questions about his merchandise.

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Re: Tokoname Teapots

by Chip » Jun 4th, '13, 19:38

The Tokoname site can cause analysis paralysis. ArtisticNippon.com is much easier to shop and ultimately make a decision ... for me anyway as I have shopped both sites almost equally but have only purchased from AN.

And as JRS has pointed out, Toru is most helpful. :!: :idea: :arrow:

Jun 4th, '13, 20:27
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Re: Tokoname Teapots

by xgsarnold » Jun 4th, '13, 20:27

Thank you! I have been going through his site as well. He's immediately helpful simply insofar as he states that all the Tokoname he sells are hand-made (and it's nice that he sells Banko Masaki Tachi). I was looking through Tokoname as well in order to see all my options, but it is somewhat paralyzing as you say.

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