How many grams per day?

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How many grams?

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Jun 16th, '13, 14:42
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How many grams per day?

by edkrueger » Jun 16th, '13, 14:42

I'm just curious: how many grams of tea do you consume on days you have tea?

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Jun 16th, '13, 15:00
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Re: How many grams per day?

by Joel Byron » Jun 16th, '13, 15:00

10-15g for me. Typically two teas a day. Something green in the morning, and then an oolong or something else later on.

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Jun 16th, '13, 15:04
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Re: How many grams per day?

by AdamMY » Jun 16th, '13, 15:04

10-15 for me, though today it looks like I will be pushing 30. :mrgreen:

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Jun 16th, '13, 15:18
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Re: How many grams per day?

by debunix » Jun 16th, '13, 15:18

Probably 10-15 grams, for my own drinking, more when sharing.

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Jun 16th, '13, 15:20
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Re: How many grams per day?

by Poohblah » Jun 16th, '13, 15:20

I'm good with 5g a day if you don't count the mate I drink most mornings with breakfast. I need something more powerful than tea when I'm just fresh out of bed.

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Jun 16th, '13, 16:00
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Re: How many grams per day?

by Chip » Jun 16th, '13, 16:00

I used to drink much more based upon grams and volume. 10-20 grams was the norm with the average around 15.

Now I am less than 10 grams most days.

Partly because steep sizes are much smaller.

Partly because of selecting better teas. This makes sense for Japanese teas.

Partly because my body is saying drink less.

Despite this, the quality of my tea drinking has not suffered, if anything bettered.

Quantity down, quality up.

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Jun 16th, '13, 16:26
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Re: How many grams per day?

by jayinhk » Jun 16th, '13, 16:26

5g of tea most days. I've recently started drinking beer and coffee (not together) again.

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Jun 16th, '13, 21:04
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Re: How many grams per day?

by victoria3 » Jun 16th, '13, 21:04

I usually have two different teas per day, so that's around 5-12grams depending. Of course if I have friends over then its more.

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Jun 16th, '13, 22:14
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Re: How many grams per day?

by Devoted135 » Jun 16th, '13, 22:14

I also said 10-15. Right now that's usually 4-5g of japanese green tea, and maybe 8 grams of oolong. If I'm up early enough then I'll also have a black tea first thing. Hm, now I'm curious how much my "2 tsp" of black tea typically weighs.

Jun 16th, '13, 22:40
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Re: How many grams per day?

by John Delaney » Jun 16th, '13, 22:40

I am thinking I am running at about 4 to 6 cups a day so that would put me at at least 10 grams each day.

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Jun 17th, '13, 02:37
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Re: How many grams per day?

by » Jun 17th, '13, 02:37

2 gong fu session(5g each) and sometimes some black, green tea;)

Jun 17th, '13, 11:27
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Re: How many grams per day?

by Running for Tea » Jun 17th, '13, 11:27

At least 5g, some days more than others. I previously would have said a guaranteed 10, but I haven't had the time to brew as much tea as I would prefer. Most days fall within the 5-7g range.

Jun 17th, '13, 12:26
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Re: How many grams per day?

by saxon75 » Jun 17th, '13, 12:26

I usually drink four or five types of tea per day, and use somewhere between 5 and 15g per session, depending on the tea. So I went with 25-30g to be on the conservative side.

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Jun 17th, '13, 14:25
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Re: How many grams per day?

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Jun 17th, '13, 14:25

Generally I pour 5-15 grams per day ( these grams are divided into one or two focused sessions per day of anywhere from 6 to 10 rounds a session). I previously used more grams per day but have transitioned to trying to find the minimum/perfect amount of grams of leaf per a certain pot, using longer steep times, that still elicits rich flavor and at least 6 rounds. I seldom, almost never anymore, just sip tea while reading a magazine or casually at the dinner table. I sit in our tea room and pour gong fu rounds as a way of integrated sitting, intentional, settling, prayerful study/practice at the tea table. This too has reduced the amount of tea in total that I consume. Though my overall tea experience has grown more rich.

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Jun 17th, '13, 22:32
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Re: How many grams per day?

by gasninja » Jun 17th, '13, 22:32

I am anywhere between 7 - 30+grams of tea per day. but generally I would say 15-20 grams.

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