Greetings from Finland!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jun 25th, '13, 10:47
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Greetings from Finland!

by pennanhuo » Jun 25th, '13, 10:47

Hello everybody. I have been lurking here for a about a year now. I decided to register beacause I want to ask some questions of my own, and make use of the great offerings on the TeaSwap-section.

I will try do introduce myself with these handy litle questions found in the sticky above.

How long have you been drinking tea?

I come from Finland, where we drink most coffee per person per year in the world (12kg). But luckily for some reason my family was in the habit of drinking a lot of black tea at our summer cottage. And thats why I have been drinkin and liking tea for as long as I can remember.

What was your first Tea?

The first tea I can clearly remember, is called "Tigers Daydream" which is a black tea flavoured with natural aromas of quince, elder and honey, and with dried Elderberry berries, orange and pineapple pieces, and mallow and sunflower petals.

These kind of teas are very popular here, along with the usual English blends, but I don't really consider them as real teas anymore, just some hot drinks to enjoy few times a year :)

What is your favorite Tea currently?

At the moment I like to drink good quality sencha, and shu and sheng Pu-Erh.

My special favourite during this spring has been Ya Bao. This tea is made from buds of old tea trees and to my it just tastes so wonderfully "spingy". Like fress grass and pineneedleds, with a hint of sweetness!

What is your next purchase?

Definately a tea tray for Gong Fu style brewing. I would like something more practical than just some plates and regular trays for brewing my Pu-Erh and chinese greens…

It just seems to be very difficult to get a decent modern tea tray shipped to Finland. Several purchases I made in Aliexpress have fallen trough because of the problems in shipping :( It's good that they have a good refund system.

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?

I'm quite a practical tea drinker so I just brew at our kitchen table where all the things I need are close and handy.

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Jun 28th, '13, 13:39
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Re: Greetings from Finland!

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Jun 28th, '13, 13:39

Welcome and blessings! While it may be hard to get certain tea things there, I'm told there is no shortage of really great steam baths there. I'd trade some access to teaware for great spaces to settle in, steam up, and relax on a cool day. There are not many here in California. Welcome to the space! :D

Jun 28th, '13, 19:05
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Re: Greetings from Finland!

by ole » Jun 28th, '13, 19:05

Hello, and welcome from Norway. (I always thought Norwegians was the worlds largest coffee drinker. Must be a Nordic thing then. :lol: )

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Jul 6th, '13, 08:54
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Re: Greetings from Finland!

by Chip » Jul 6th, '13, 08:54

Welcome to TeaChat!

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