Hello :)

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Jun 25th, '13, 18:18
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Hello :)

by Amonite » Jun 25th, '13, 18:18

He! My name is Jenai Goss, I've been an avid tea drinker for four or five years now. I drank tea before that too, but not as obsessively. Now I have a tea cupboard that I can sort my teas by type, flavor, best time of day to drink them, etc.

What was your first Tea?

I can't really remember! Probably an Earl Grey, because I am a fan of Star Trek and so I would drink that a lot when I was younger. When I was older I made a friend who was also a Star Trek fan, and introduced me to many varieties of loose leaf Earl Greys and LadyGreys, which fed into the tea habit I was developing at the time. I definitely was a fan of black teas from a young age, then discovered I liked the whites, and experimented with greens until I found what I liked and disliked. I used to hate green tea when I was young because most store brands taste like grass to me.

What is your favorite Tea currently?
Fairy Lily (it's a blooming flower tea by Plumera with jasmine & lily), Kiss Me (yummy sweet black from Cup and Kettle in Leavenworth), and White Tea Peony (Triple Leaf, so not loose leaf, but a wonderfully delicate white tea nonetheless).

What is your next purchase?
I just bought Amber Dragon from Shen Zen tea today at the farmer's market, I don't know what I will get next :) {golden black with notes of apricots, sweet tobacco, toasted nuts, and caramel}

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?
I tend to brew at home - however, I love teas parties in the garden! Also, I like dressing up for a proper tea party in Victorian garb and a fancy hat. (At least a Victorian hat if there is no time for the full ensemble).

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Jun 26th, '13, 00:44
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Re: Hello :)

by Chip » Jun 26th, '13, 00:44

Welcome to TeaChat, hope to see you around the forum!

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Jun 26th, '13, 17:05
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Re: Hello :)

by teaisme » Jun 26th, '13, 17:05

hello :D

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Jun 27th, '13, 09:47
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Re: Hello :)

by chado.my.teaway » Jun 27th, '13, 09:47


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