First time trying shincha

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jun 29th, '13, 14:41
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First time trying shincha

by sencha » Jun 29th, '13, 14:41

I just got a bag of Fuga Limited Edition Shincha from Zencha in the mail.

Wow :o

1 tsp / 6 fl oz @ 180 F with a first steep of 30 seconds, a second of 5 seconds, and a third of 45 seconds, and each one was incredible. I knew this stuff was going to dank as soon as I opened the bag. Before I even put my nose to it, I was immediately hit with this amazing sencha smell. The leaves are shiny and broken up (at first, I thought it had taken a beating during shipping, but then I remembered it's deep-steamed). There are some stems in it, and it was only $15/100g, so it's certainly not the highest quality, but overall, given my experience with tea, I'd easily give it a 10/10.

Jun 30th, '13, 19:35
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Re: First time trying shincha

by MacGuffin » Jun 30th, '13, 19:35

I was planning on ordering some also, so thanks for the feedback. I've been a Zencha customer for a long time (hi, Nishiki-san!) and have yet to be unhappy with a purchase, whether competition grade or less expensive (which I often find more interesting). I've already ordered placed several shincha orders but have been spacing them out. Try the guri-cha--I think you'd like it. Nice to have offerings from Shizuoka again! :D

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Jul 24th, '13, 06:24
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Re: First time trying shincha

by donaldosborne » Jul 24th, '13, 06:24

sencha wrote:I just got a bag of Fuga Limited Edition Shincha from Zencha in the mail.

Wow :o
I need definitely to try that Shincha.

Aug 11th, '13, 04:22
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Re: First time trying shincha

by jasonlee88 » Aug 11th, '13, 04:22

Yes, Shincha is great.

I bought some. But i feel the taste is almost same as Sencha.

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